The 50 Year Old Wedding Video

Imagine waiting fifty years to see your wedding video, yes FIFTY YEARS!

Well, that’s just what happened to an elderly lady who called to ask if it was possible to transfer a 16mm film to DVD (that nearly got flung out) as she was downsizing.

After some tidying up and half a century later, remarkably the cine film is in great condition and transferred to DVD easily. In all that time she had never seen it and didn't even know that it existed. It just goes to show you can never be too careful when tidying up. Fortunately her sharp eyed grandson recognized what it was and asked her to get it transferred. Needless to say she was delighted to finally see her wedding film after so many years, especially since her husband had now passed on.

Most 16mm cine film stored in cool, dry and dark conditions lasts an amazing amount of time, and not just 16mm film - 8mm Kodachrome is also extremely durable. For more information on storing cine film click the link below:

Future Generations

Today’s world is moving at such an incredible speed with advancements of technology that it's hard to keep pace with it all. It was, after all, only ten years ago that the first smart phones started to appear on the market. Now everyone has a smart phone, but if you compare the early smart phones to the latest models they are a world apart. With this in mind it's easy to forget the world before smart phones, digital cameras and even personal computers. Back then cine film ruled the day.

Our new found digital world offers convenience and ease of access to photos and videos at a swipe of a screen with ever increasing speed. In many respects we have now entered the digital age just like a young child finally taking their first steps. With so many new things to explore it's easy to forget about the past and only look forward to the future - welcome to digital!

Except, there's a problem - an analogue fly in our digital ointment: How do you watch all that pre-digital cine film that was made before digital cameras and phones took over? Hmmm, a problem indeed. I mean I remember Granddad, but digital wasn't around then, so I guess I'll just let Granddad fade away in an analogue heap of “old stuff”. After all digital is shiny and new and, hey, look, a new digital feature to distract me from that thought. The question is though, would you like to be forgotten when you go? I guess not.

If you don't transfer your cine films then you will lose the ability to watch them in time, and time is moving very quickly in our new digital world.

You could be forgiven for not being aware that you can transfer your cine to DVD but ultimately if you want future generations to see their ancestors and understand their family history then the only way is to transfer your cine films to DVD. Do you really want Granddad to fade away from apathy and modern life distractions?

It's not just pictures - cine film captures mannerisms and adds a real dimension to people who have long since passed on. Cine film makes you feel happy as you re-live those long lost moments in history (even if it just to laugh at the old hair styles, fashions and cars we used to drive). The point is, it invokes emotions that are personal to you which is something that you cannot put a price on….

For more information on transferring 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm cine film to DVD click the link below: