TV Wall Bracket Killed the DVD Video Player

The digital age is well and truly upon us now - every day something new comes along that alters the way in which we live our lives. Some people love it and others hate it. Much like the industrial revolution changed the way we work, the digital revolution is doing the same today. Personally I view it as exciting times as new technology created today will eventually become the standard which we will live our lives by. However, whether we look back at these times with fondness or regret, only time will tell. Rose tinted spectacles on standby!

I’ve been doing video, camcorder and cine transfers for around fifteen years now which is something I never imagined I would still be doing today. I mean surely at some point you have to run out of a finite amount of media to transfer - right? And yet, every day more work comes in and more work goes out. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining! I’m just stunned that the demand is still there and I have often wondered just when will it drop off? Perhaps, maybe not in my life time - who knows, and does it really matter? Probably not.

What I find interesting is the way in which people react to all these changes. There are some that don’t want to move with the times and resist every effort to modernise. I don’t know if this is out of fear of the unknown or whether they just like “old stuff” as my ten year old would say! Then there are some that are in a race with the bank to have the newest, latest and greatest, and throw out anything that is older than a couple of years. Lastly there is a sort of in between crowd that realise if they wait a bit the prices will come down and they can still have the newest gadget but at half the price of what the neighbours paid - “who’s got the last laugh now” they think just as the neighbours are about to upgrade again! Makes me laugh.

Then there’s “retro status”. I’m not quite sure what their definition of retro is. It seems to be either diehards that never upgraded any of their technology and after a long period of looking old fashioned, nostalgia kicks in with the general populace and suddenly they find themselves cool again. Vinyl records are kind of like that and seem to be making a come back for some reason - I don’t know, cool album art maybe? Or, everyone who threw everything out for all the new tech has suddenly realised that so has the rest of the neighbourhood and they are no longer special, and wouldn’t it be cool to have some “old stuff” lying around. And so they run out and buy some CD’s, DVD’s, records and videos from the tat shop that they dumped there five years earlier to use as pseudo art pieces. Kind of like having books on the Starship Enterprise - totally pointless in a digital age, but hey, you don’t have them do you?

Then there’s the way in which everyone upgrades - modern televisions are a perfect example. In ye olde days it was a gold fish bowl box / furniture. I mean where else were you supposed to put the photos of the grand children? Then they got flatter tubes, wide screens, Dolby this, 3D that, larger screens, satellite and digital broadcasts…. Fair milked you over the years, didn’t they? In each case though, it was the TV that was replaced and everything else more or less stayed the same. Video players became DVD players which then became Blu-ray players etc. etc.

Then they became thin - really thin and everything changed. Now you could hang it on the wall! Yeah, well cool. Except this had an unexpected twist. Suddenly having this behemoth slab of liquid crystal arrays screwed to your wall looked really odd with a DVD player perched below it. I mean there’s the Ikea TV stand with no TV on it with all your DVD’s scattered next to the DVD player perched in the middle looking rather out of place. (Okay I know some TV’s have DVD players built in, but just like the old hifi / separates analogy, if the DVD player breaks then you have to throw away an otherwise perfectly working TV).

So what to do with all this “clutter”? The simple answer is don’t bother - get rid of the DVD player and all that “old stuff”. Gumtree on standby for the TV stand. The only problem with this is now you can’t play DVD’s! Oh well not to bother as I can always stream the video using Netflix / iPlayer. Thus thinner televisions and wall brackets killed the DVD player. Well at least until they become “retro” and pseudo art pieces in the future. Whether they will still work is another matter…. What’s a scart lead?

Conversely, the “wait until the price drops brigade” haven’t wall mounted their TV’s and still have the DVD / Bluray player perched below on the Ikea stand. Why is this you ask, well either they’re waiting for the price to drop low enough to replace their current television or perhaps maybe they might have looked just that little bit further ahead and realised that televisions are going to become thinner still. Oooohhh!

There are now experimental paper thin OLED TV’s being developed - as thin as paper. Wow, now that’s impressive! I don’t know if it will be as simple as unrolling your TV from a tube and sticking it to the wall with Velcro but let’s just say you won’t need industrial scaffolding to hold it up. Wall bracket removal guides and Polyfilla Youtube videos are going to become popular…. Oh look, the “must have it now’s” have just taken out another credit card to one up the neighbours! Oh dear (no pun intended).

As for DVD’s, well, who can tell? It’s probably best to copy your precious memories onto USB or the cloud and hope they don’t become obsolete. Luckily we can also supply your “old stuff” on USB. 

Can't wait for holographic TV!