Pictures Made From Words

Stuck for Buying Unique Gifts?

Have you ever been stuck for a gift for “someone who has it all”? You know, the usual “What would you like?” and the stock reply “I’m not fussy” leaving you with the conundrum about what to get them. Obviously “nothing” isn’t going cut it and likewise there is a limit on how many times you can buy sweets / chocolate / flowers / jewellery / perfume etc. So you struggle on trying to find something suitable (that they don’t have already) and start to go down the gift voucher road - “It’s a gift and they can use it how they like”, but…. It’s not very personal and it looks like you put little or no effort into their gift. Wouldn’t it be better if you could buy them a gift which is not only unique to them, is fun to do, and also guaranteed that they don’t have already? Well now you can!

Pictures Made From Words

We can take your photos and combine them with a personal message to form a picture made out of the words from your message that is in the shape of the photo.

"You Are My Sweetheart" (Click to enlarge)
That’s got you thinking now, hasn’t it? You know that your gift is going to be the best!

Unique Gifts

As unique gifts go these are easy to think of - you know that person really well and what their likes are, what their hobbies are and even their personality traits. So choose something they cherish, write a loving message, combine them together and et voilà - the perfect present! They’re ideal for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Christmas, Christenings, Valentines - any occasion that’s special for people, and they’re equally just as good in picture frames as they are on stretched canvas prints.

"Happy Birthday" (Click to enlarge)

Fun Designs

Did we mention they’re fun to do? I’ve personally managed to spend lots of time “researching” photos that look really good and turning them into pictures made out of words: “I’ll just try this one”, “and then this one”, “oh, and then that one would look really good”…. And then your afternoon just disappears. Back to work! In fact I know you already have quite a few photos in mind and are wondering what they would look like - it’s addictive.
"I Need A Hug" (Click to enlarge)

Bold Shapes

Choose a photo that’s personal to them and make sure it’s quite a bold shape - try to select something that is easily recognisable and fills a lot of the picture. Fine detail photos are not ideal - close ups work better. It’s also best to remove the background to make the shape stand out with the finished picture. We can even help remove the background in the photo if you need us to. As for the message, well that’s up to you (we won’t tell!)
"You Rock My World" (Click to enlarge)

Printing Your Pictures

Once you have a photo that you think would work well - send it to us with your personal message to or use our upload section. We will then prepare a proof of your masterpiece and once you’re happy we’ll print it and despatch it for you - easy! So even if you can’t make it to the celebration you can let your friends and family know that you really were thinking of them by sending them a uniquely personal gift.

Happy Printing!