Honey I Lost The Wedding Video

A long time ago in a town far, far  away….. a Prince and his Princess were married with the most splendid of celebrations. All their friends and family were there, each wearing the most magnificent of clothes, and they all got very merry and danced until well after midnight. And then they all lived happily ever after. The End.

Awww - Lovely! Except they had a Wizard there performing his magic with his video camera recorder which allowed the events to be replayed any time they wanted to. And, so they did - again, again and again (until people stopped visiting that is!)

Not long after, they had children which meant they had to move to a bigger home. So the VHS video that the Wizard made was boxed up carefully and then…. never watched again! Dnnn, Dnnnn, Dnnn.

Transfer Your Wedding Videos to DVD

Okay, an overly simplified story but it is pretty much true - when was the last time you watched your wedding video? Have you thrown out your VCR so now you can’t watch it? Do you remember how much it cost to make? So why aren’t you transferring it to DVD?

It’s not just the financial cost - if it’s on VHS then it will be at least ten to twenty years old and there will be people on it that are sadly no longer here. Sentimentally, it’s priceless.

Can you even remember what’s on it? Yes, “The Wedding” is the obvious answer…. but how many times will you be saying “Oh, I forgot about that” when you watch it again for the first time in over ten years?

Do you think that transferring the video to DVD might just be the best ever anniversary present? That’s bound to be a lot of Brownie points! Not to mention the DVD’s are easily copied - enough even to hand out to anyone who was in the video (whether they want it or not!) Yeaahhh.

It’s very affordable too and it’s all done on professional video editing equipment - not some cheapo VHS / DVD combo thing from the “guy in the pub”. Who is that “guy” - seems to be everywhere all at the same time? So come on, let’s get these wedding videos into the digital age and out of the dark age.