BIG Canvas Prints from Photos

Tom Harrison Band 54" x 36" Stretched Canvas
All canvas prints look great but BIG canvas prints really stand out from the crowd. Their sheer size and presence in any room means they are difficult to ignore! They will become the centre of attention and talking point of any room.

Printing a large canvas from a photo is a great way to show your photography in its finest detail. Ideally you need to have the camera set to the best quality and highest resolution for optimum enlargement results. Sharpness is critical! Make sure you are using the appropriate shutter speed and get the lighting correct - otherwise the photo will have a lot of noise in it.

Always check your photo by zooming in on it as this will allow you to get an idea of how it will look prior to printing. You will have to remove any blemishes, dust, noise or any other unwanted marks in the picture before printing. However, the end result is worth the effort - they’re magnificent.

Giant Collage Prints

56" x 32" Stretched Canvas Print
Everybody loves collage prints - there is so much to look at, so many memories, and lots, and lots of fun! Collages are a great way to show all your family photos quickly and easily. You don’t need to hook your camera to the television or switch on the laptop or tablet - it’s just there and always looking great.

Big collage canvas prints are just fascinating to look at - they’re one of the best ways to show a theme such as someone growing up over many years or an event that you are proud of or even just your favourite photos. The number of pictures you can display on a giant collage makes such an impact - you can spend all day staring at them and never get bored. They make ideal gifts for friends and family (with big rooms!)